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To have spicy farts
There was much sluffering after the battle of bro steve vs the creepers and the very very bad Santiago chili.
by The black box November 27, 2016
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A combinations of two words: Suffering (from) Lack (of sleep)

Def: Suffering from lack of sleep

Def: A word used when you got very little sleep the night before and you are now bearing the consquences of it.

history: I was sluffering one day and my cousin asked me what was wrong and in an attempt to say I was suffering from lack of sleep, I simply said "I am sluffering" without meaning to. I got quite a few laughs, but in the long run it caught on.

created in April 2006 by Bethany
k: woah, B what's wrong?...
B: I'm totally sluffering...
by Bethany Reeves April 27, 2007
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