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A method by which a suitably amorous man would partake of the neck area of a woman. The action consists so a comination sucking/slurping component, with the balance determined by the person administering the 'sluck.'
"Hey baby. Come over here and let me sluck your neck!"
by SugarDoggy February 07, 2009
To suck, lick and fuck someone at the same time.
I am going to sluck you.
by deadpets September 18, 2007
V. - To suck and lick at once with all the skill of a slut.
Denise slucked de nephews balls alls nite.
by G.M.H. November 06, 2009
Sluck is the combination of snow and sleet that accumulates underneath the wheel wells and bumpers of semi-trailer trucks on the interstate during winter storms that always seem to let loose as you are passing them going 60 MPH.
Royce: Well, I'm glad the snowstorm seems to have let up. The road is clear enough to drive a little faster now.

Tom: Yeah we should be able to make it to Chicago pretty close to when we thought we would.

(Car passes a Semi trailer truck and "splat")

Royce: Wow, that was a lot of sluck from that semi. I'm glad the wipers are still working.
by mixgochix October 06, 2011
Sluck is an alternative word for slut. It can be offensive to some people however it is usually used as a euphemism in sentences which you do not want people eavesdropping into.

Derived from
SLU as in Slut
UCK as in fuck
Person 1: He's such a Sluck
Person 2: Just get him to smoke some dilmah

Person 1: Do you want to go whore riding
Person 2: Nah, lets hang out with the slucks
by Dilmah Dealer December 06, 2013
A hoe that likes hockey players' weiner. (Puck slut)
Maggey is the biggest sluck on the planet.
by Nrc December 03, 2013
a slutty whore.
Oh my god that girl is such a sluck, she has 4 boyfriends, i jealous.
by haiiilikeboys. January 29, 2011