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Staying in bed or on the couch all day in pyjamas, sleeping and/or eating food
Sarah stayed home Slothing about.
by the_erlking June 11, 2013
When you drive your car really super slow to purposely back up traffic behind you. Term originated in the suburbs of North Jersey.
When John got out of school he started slothing the buses making the students on-board very upset.
by misfits February 23, 2012
When you are able to finger a girl using three or four fingers, as many as a sloth.
Joe: How big is your girl's vagina?
Sean: She is so loose that I will be slothing her later.
by Erik Burns June 10, 2008
The new "planking". When one acts like sloth, hanging on trees or other objects like a sloth would do.
Look at that guy slothing that tree!
by haha1995 July 22, 2011
When a girl or guy wraps their arms around the other persons neck and wraps their legs around the other's waist. Called Slothing because it resembles a sloth hugging a tree. Slothing can also be a game which is when the person being slothed/slothee is trying to fling the person slothing/slother off them.
Last night uma,Scott,and cristina were slothing.
by Ratchet_rat July 28, 2014
the act of lofting around lifelessly like a useless and lazy lifeless form, akin to the slow moving 3 toed long armed shaggy creature that roams the south African Saharas.

jones: hey radz do you want to go to the gym with me tonight
radz: honestly, im really not in the mood im just going to be slothing around the house, 3 toed style. WORD
by radbud February 17, 2009
When you're too high or too tired to get up and move around or do anything active. Taken from sloth, a mamal that lives their life hanging in trees and moving very slowly. The sap of the trees are said to be hallucinogenic, causing the sloths to be high most of the time. Also can be used as an adjective (slothy, slothed).
"Bro: I'm so slothed from ripping that GB."

"Bro: Hey bro do you wanna go shoot some hoops?
Broham: No dude, I'm slothing way too hard right now."

"Bro: Dude, I was slothing-out from that PCP we smoked last night.
Broham: I know man, that stuff was straight up slothy"
by Castro with a K May 29, 2008

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