Top Definition
Definition 1: n, Slut Whore Bag

Definition 2: v, to perform acts of a slorg nature

slorg, slorging, slorglike
What are you doing in my bed, stop acting like a slorg!

Dumb slorgs spilled Jack all over my pants!
by watchful protector May 30, 2011
Meaning 1: something of extreme Happyness, or cuteness!

Meaning 2: A huuuggeee lick on the face!

Background: CUTE cartoon slug, very cute, very very happy!
ex 1 "You are super slorg today Tom!"

ex 2 "I'm gonnnaaa slorggg you in the face!"

ex 2 "i R teh slorg!! *LICK!*"
by Blaze_contara December 19, 2004
Slut Whore Pig
I can't believe she did that to you, she is such a Slorg
by pele2112 October 19, 2008

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