Another name for a cupboard, also a combination for a SLut-whORE.

Also may be known as shlore...

Must be pronounced with a dutch accent...
Get in your slore cupboard
by TheBaby November 11, 2003
Combination of two existing English words. Slut + whore = slore.
Dude, I just had sex with this girl, and she didn't even ask my name. WHAT A GOD DAMN SLORE.
by Anthony Verrecchio June 18, 2003
A slutty whore who'll sleep with you anyway if it turns out you have no money.
The slore is out having sex with everyone; even Enron.
by caz March 18, 2003
(noun) a cross between a slut and whore
did you see cindys pictures from last weekend? she was hardly wearing any clothes and had three used condoms in her hair. she is such a slore.
by lynzie/\ December 01, 2009
slut and whore mixed togther. your given both worlds. but its worse,than any other term, very harsh.
"nancy slept with micheal while she was with tim, and got pregant with her sisters boyfriend who had herpes"

"who.. slore nancy?"
by Graceeeeeeeeeeeeeee October 03, 2006
Combination of SLO and whore. A promiscuous female who resides in San Luis Obispo (SLO), CA.
When in SLO, do as the slores do!
by Colin the Damaja September 09, 2005
slore is a word to describe a person who is a slut/whore
Oh my god! you did my brother!! you are such a slore!
by icy_blues May 14, 2005
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