A slutty Whore..Is a female that sleeps around way too much.
A slore came to my house last night.
by Eklipz April 06, 2008
A Female, or male that sleeps around alot like a slut, but will take cash for sex, like a whore. A combination of the two words.
Your sister is possible the biggest slore since Paris Hilton.
by Jeremy Heslop February 27, 2008
A mix between a Slut and a Whore. Someone who gets around.
There are many slores that live in my barracks, look-- I see three right now!
by UTB September 09, 2007
2 faced, fake, ugly, hyprocrite, dumb(literally), no friends, skankyass, complete lack of any self respect what so ever, whore!!!!
"Dude Deb Burn is sucha slore!!!"
"Deb Burn is a maddd dirty slore"
by Badassss May 24, 2006
1) absent-minded activity that usualy involves drooling
2) spaced-outedness that results from hot weather condions
3) combination of #1 and #2
ex1: i was sloring at the bus stop on a hot day
ex2: stop sloring and finish your ice-cream before it melts!
by vad August 24, 2003
A hysterically funny combination of the word slut and whore
Dude, that girl is such a slore.

by red-spanker March 09, 2003
A combination of a slut and whore.
"Dude, your mom is the biggest slore I have ever met!"
by SeekUpDMB5 November 14, 2002

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