a slut who is a whore who takes money for sex
that bitch is a slore
by russell the truth December 13, 2005
is a combination of whore and slut, meaning girls that are easy to procreate with but requires inebriation. For example, Those slurs need to come over and party with us.
Those girls from town are slore. Why wont those slurs come over sooner.
by Dominic April 21, 2004
An abbreviation of the phrase "slut whore"
Uhh Nate Tisa is such a slore
by Cheaaaaaaa June 01, 2007
The actual definition of slore is
Which slore did you take home from cracktory this week?
by Anti-Keebler Elf October 27, 2003
a slut, whore, Roller....

Example. Venessa Denny From 2400 Bel Pre D(M]V... Look Her Up On Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Unitedd Statesss
-Silver Spring
A Girll.. Graduated high School ... Chasing after boys in fucking 7th gradee. She wanted to fight me because i like him. wholetime me and the boy in the same grade. she wanted to fight my mansss because of her boyfriend. like why you chasing after middle school boys. You Fucking SLORE
by WildMoneyyHunnieeeee April 22, 2011
Slut and hore combined
Karen is such a slore!!!! I can't believe she did that to Alicia.
by Allison January 17, 2005
1. the FAB 5
2. five of the coolest girls you'll ever meet
3. LHYMCA crew that will always be tight
4. a group of friends that have an awesome time no matter what
5. Nene, Liz, B, Rae, Beca
There is always fun in store when your amongst the SLORES. You know how we do...
by B. February 05, 2004

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