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A sexual maneuver where one party wraps another party's face with seran wrap then proceedes to defecate upon that party's face.
Joey said it would be cool to go on a glass bottom boat ride with Michael, but soon changed his mind after he saw the seran wrap in Michael's hand.
by Kodiak June 15, 2003
Generic name used to describe a woman who expresses qualities of both a slut and a whore.
I took home Hussy Slore last night. It was a good night.
by kodiak August 23, 2003
an expression used in the south to request a confermation of a previous statement
That chick has it going on, iny?
by kodiak September 13, 2003
To be of an exceptional nature.
Man, that was the millenium track. You should record another
by kodiak August 23, 2003
Awesome, great, otherwise amazing. Also can be synonymous with any number of action verbs- see examples.
Five Guys burgers are giraffe!
I want to giraffe her all night.
Take another step and your ass is going to get giraffed (knocked out).
by Kodiak March 06, 2005
Getting high, also see skinny dipping, getting high naked
I went swimming last night, boy are my lungs tired.
by Kodiak April 29, 2005
getting high naked; see swimming
The partygoers thought I was strange that I took off all my clothes before hitting the bong, but skinny dipping is the best way to swim.
by Kodiak April 29, 2005
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