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1. A powerful infusion of the words slut and whore.
2. A fierce creature identified as a minion of Gozer in the movie Ghostbusters.
1. That girl is such a slore!
2. Then, during the third reconciliation of the Voldroni, the supplicants chose the form of a Giant Slore! Many Shubs and Zhools knew what it was like to be roasted in the belly of a Slore that day, I can tell you.
by DC March 14, 2005
A cross between a slut and a whore. A sluts better than a whore, but a slore falls somewhere in between.
elissas such a slore!
by skurins July 02, 2007
a slut-whore. A slore fucks anyone for free for no personal gain whatsoever. Different than a slut, because a slut just likes to fuck a lot, there is still a chance that a slut won't fuck you. Different than a whore, because a whore will only fuck you if you give her something that she wants, like money
John: look at that chick, what a slut
Frank: No, actually she is slore
by ashawk April 19, 2007
having or posessing the qualities of a slut and a whore
ayo slore! what's up with some fisting?

or "yo I took this slore hoome and banged her"
by terrible jim February 16, 2003
-Also see slutshit
A slutty, whorey being.
Fuck you slore.
by Stanko February 03, 2003
a sloppy slutty whore
look at taressa she is such a slore! i heard she had sex with 10 guys last night. and it was sloppy.
by 1116666222555533389888 June 02, 2011
someone with characteristics of both a whore and a slut
your mother is a slore

suck my ass slore

jamie why are you such a slore
by the friendly farmer November 26, 2010
In short it is a combo cross between a slut and a whore or in simpler terms a sloppy whore.

Species is easily indefied by wearing too much make-up as well as cum from the night before
guy: that bitch broke up with my brother last night because she needed to have sex with everyone else

girl: what a slore
by Bullshitting canadian girl September 12, 2010