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A slooty person, or someone being a sloot, is a person who is perfectly respectable but is exploring their sexuality by doing things which could be considered slutty. This is a positive term used for someone who is comfortable with their sexuality and using it to their hearts content. It is not gender specific.
Person 1: " I think I'll be a little slooty tonight. Maybe I'll see how many boys I can pick up in the evening."

Person 2: "Sounds like a perfectly respectable Slooty-venture"
by Slootastic April 04, 2010
a slutty girl. sloots
That chick slept with like a million guys, she's real slooty.
by krissy January 11, 2005
Sex booty (A pirates sexy loot). It's stuff your one night stand leaves behind at your apartment or ship.
You're not farming the right mobs (mobs being sexual partners). My slooty is epic
by Dr.Slootinheim November 30, 2015
can be used to describe pretty much u can get it in...mostly used to describe super easy/down/whorish/bitch/down for anal bitches
Yo....your girlfriend is super slooty.

Ya....I know
by BW4L June 24, 2011
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