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14 definitions by krissy

name for a girl who can not sing or act with any ounce of talent. she needs to be shot.
"Gawd, you sound as horrible as Hilary Duff!"
by Krissy March 25, 2004
A charming British actor who had his breakout role in Prince Caspian. Born August 20, 1981, he was a part of the National Youth Music Theatre from 1997-2003. He briefly entertained a pop career with the boy band Hyrise in Eurovision, but it only lasted one performance. Along with singing and acting, Ben can play the drums and piano.

His other acting credits include Stardust, playing Young Dustan, Bigga Than Ben, playing Cobakka, Split decision, playing Chris Wilbur, and Doctors, guest starring as Craig Unwin.

His upcoming roles are in Easy Virtue, with Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Jessica Biel, and the title role in Dorian Gray.

He's also extremely gorgeous.
Ben Barnes said that he based his Prince Caspian accent on that of Inigo Montoya from 'The Princess Bride' because the night before auditions, he was sorting through his DVD collection trying to find something to help him.

by Krissy July 10, 2008
Born on November 25, 1966 in Albany, California. Tim Armstrong is the lead singer/guitarist of both Rancid and Transplants. Used to be the guitarist for the ska/punk band Operation Ivy. After OPIV's downfall in 1989, Tim turned to drugs and alcoholism. His best friend and bassist of Rancid, Matt Freeman helped Tim dig himself out of the hole he was in and helped him form Rancid in 1991. He married Brody Dalle in 1997 and helped her form The Distillers. They divorced in 2003 after she was seen making out with Josh Homme, lead singer of QOTSA. Tim now lives in L.A., owns Hellcat Records and his own recording studio called Bloodclot Studios.
Tim Is My Hero And A Punk Rock God!
by Krissy August 12, 2004
FLACCID PENIS a limp or loose penis, the word was discorvered while reading pages 9-10 of The Eyes of A Dragon by Stephen King. ANTONYMS: boner, hard.
He was unable to be hard; his penis was constantly faccid.
by Krissy March 13, 2004
The fear of inflatable paddling pools...... kyleapoolaphobia
Hey, that dude just totally pee'd his pants when he seen that paddling pool!.... He must have kyleapoolaphobia
by Krissy June 20, 2006
a slutty girl. sloots
That chick slept with like a million guys, she's real slooty.
by krissy January 11, 2005
a state of shock or confusion
Feven was in yuia over the fact Kristen made up a word for no reason.
by Krissy November 10, 2006