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The state of being a slob. Portraying a slob for amusement. Grotesque, hideous. Often used to describe the state of those named Robert.
I have a neighbor named Robert, who happens to be a bonafide slobert.
by angelhair May 31, 2008
An individual whose behavior defies logic and repulses even the filthiest swine. It is often cautioned that proximity to a Slobert may cause an individual to lose IQ points and forget basic hygiene.
Student 1: "Did you just see Slobert try to buy weed with an assorted combination of belly-button lint, protein powder, and Spanish pesos?"

Student 2: "Yeah, he's such a fuck."
by Really Good Joke February 27, 2014
A man who lays around all day and is afraid to talk to girls.
Dude, you are such a slobert, stop blushing and just talk to her already.
by Blue_Devil736473821 December 14, 2009

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