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Used to retort the slang word "do one".

Generally means "no, you piss off" in a non -offensive way.


Can be used in the work place or in times of sensitivity. Often relates to calling someone a pig.

eg church, Work, children

popular in the UK...
Paul says "Richard, Do one!"

Richard Says "Sling it!" pointing his thumb in a fist over his shoulder..

Paul says "you french pig"

And both have successfully retorted/responded.
by Kanos75 August 16, 2011
using a sling box to record an event and programming it via the internet
Dad via cell phone "Hey Andrew, are you at home?"
Andrew "nope, why?"
Dad "I wanted you to record the world cup, but I can sling it from the office"
by malc_o_scribe July 07, 2010

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