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Another word that can be used in place of "dogg" or "dude"
Move outta the way slim I cant see.
by Jungle March 18, 2003
A nice shape for a woman to be as well as curvy, because it isn't the same as skinny (petruding ribs etc)
Two girls walk down the street, one curvy one slim.

Man 1: They both look nice.
Man 2: Yeah, they do.
by happygolucky86 March 29, 2010
word for tight underwear; substitute for underwear or panties without having to sound stupid
in the locker room:
"whoa nice slims they have hearts on them"
over saying
"nice thong it has hearts on it"
by shishkabobo September 01, 2008
A venue in San Francisco where many decent bands play. I usually attend this venue for most of the metal shows, especially since The Pound closed.
Yeah, I'll be attending that Finntroll show at Slim's later this year.
by Tzeentch May 25, 2007
A guy who for some reason is always right on everything and you and everyone else feels a strange trust with him. You will tell him thing you shouldn't because he is such a loveable guy. This originates from the novel 'Of Mice and Men'
Example One
Person One: Slim you don't think Curley should get away with that do you?
'Slim': No and I'll go give Curley what he deserves myself.

Example Two
Person One: Slim, I shouldn't tell you this but I have a crush on Jessica
'Slim': Dude Jessica is a giant slut
Person One: I guess you're right
by The Plague Doctor March 28, 2015
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