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1st of all you guys dont know how to spell SHADY. Don't sweat it though lol. but yea slim shady is a pretty dope rapper. Got some seriously hard lyrics. FO SHO! Alter Ego to Eminem.
Marshall Mathers aka Eminem aka Slim Shady has won shit loads of awards.

Slim Shady is not spelled slim shadey! hahaha.
by lazy mofo July 25, 2006
slim shadey is the best thing that has happened to the music bizz.And if any of you punks have anything bad to say about that just go ahead and see what happens!!!!!!!!
Best as in the very best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by amity May 10, 2003
luv slim shadey. lots of talent. fine as hell. there is a lot of jealousey out there. hes the best.
fine as hell. more talent than i ve seen in a long time.
by jenna September 12, 2003
A good rapper
the "Dawg" above me is fuckin stupid cuz eminem has won more awards and sold more records then any black rapper in the past 4 years.
by joey edelstein March 04, 2003
Slim Shady is the man. He writes his own stuff.
its all good
by asdf August 16, 2003
A stringy form of diarrhea.
My digestive system was so fucked up that I crapped out a slim shady every thirty minutes.
by Jake February 26, 2003

The worst rapper since the plague of Vanilla Ice. The only reason he is so popular with the wiggers and wankstas is because he is one of the few white folks in the rap "music" scene. He wins so many awards on MTV and the Grammys because they are both RIGGED by the record labels and TRL.
Slim Shadey is just another mama's boy
by AYB March 05, 2003