When you pop up from anywhere, any time and scare the hell out of people until their brain goes fuzzy. :P
Dude, I Slendered this guy so bad yesterday!
by ...-_- November 16, 2012
Top Definition
when you are as fucked as you can ever possibly be in a million years
"Your brain just got slendered by Slenderman."
"You're going to be slendered inside an LA prison."
by BeardedMonk November 13, 2011
The act of being penetrated from behind so quickly that the victim doesn't have time to turn and see the mans face.
Kaitlin was slendered by a mystery man in the park.

Matt: "Dude I totally slendered my girl in bed last night. Had to roll off the bed to keep her from seeing me."
by not-so-slenderman August 17, 2012
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