Ejactulating ropes of semen onto a girl's face while she sleeps.
I gave that girl a sleeping beauty last night.
by Matt October 20, 2003
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- When you lean on your arm until you have a dead arm then masterbate so it feels like someone else is doing it for you.

- A term used on the inbetweeners to describe the same thing.
- I got bored of wanking myself off so i just do a sleeping beauty it feels better.

- Quote from the inbetweeners, 'my brother made it up!'
by Josiphh April 16, 2009
to sit on your hand for around 10-20 mins until its fully dead, then when you wank feels like someone else is doing it for you.
tried that sleeping beauty thing last night, it was great
by sam69!!... April 17, 2009
While a person is yawning or snoring, insert your penis into their mouth.
I gave her a sleeping beauty last night and she totally went for it, it's so retarded it has to work!
by Lesbionical January 28, 2011
People that soffer of narcolepsy, they tend to fall deeply asleep in any circunmstances: while driving, during important meetings, while they are having sex, while they are talking of something or even writing on a black board before a classroom.
Ole: C'mon I cannot take this anymore Jon
Jon: What!? What did I do now?
Ole: You did it again, sleeping beauty! You felt asleep during the meeting!!!
Jon: oopss, sorry... did anybody realize that?
by themilfonian February 10, 2012
the act of having sexual intercourse with one's girlfriend or spouse when said girlfriend/spouse has fallen asleep or passed out due to over exhaustion or being overly intoxicated.
"My wife was so drunk last night she fell asleep so I had to pull a sleeping beauty on her."
by Outlaw G November 20, 2012
The act of jizzing on someone's eyes in their sleep. The receipient will either a) wake up hours later with their eyes crusted over with semen or b) wake up shortly afterwards wondering what is in their eyes and smear it around their face with their hands.
"Oh shit, dawg! I gave that ho a sleeping beauty! Bitch woke up screamin', "AHHH! NIGGA I CAN'T SEE!!!!"


"I gave that fucker a sleeping beauty and five minutes later he wiped the cum all over his face. He was like, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!?"
by djtoosh September 27, 2006
to bust a hot load on your girlfriend's face/hair right before you break up with her or it's just plain gone sour....oh yea while she's sleeping!

Damn I thought I invented this term and it's definition...I did it myself to a stupid ass biiitch in '03
"The bitch said something.. I couldn't believe..so I gave the stupid ass cunt a sleeping beauty!"

kinda like the eazy e line
by eek zeke January 07, 2008
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