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Undefined word derived from the song Peaches by the Stranglers "walking on the beaches sniffing all the sleeches". May be a verb, noun, adjective or adverb.

Also used as a description of the upstairs people.
You big Sleech. Go and sleech off.
"walking on the beaches sniffing all the sleeches"
by Dave R. November 28, 2004
Can not really be smurf for smurfs.
Used as slang for the upstairs people.
Are you going out to sleech tonight? You big sleech, you live upstairs
by The House Of Poncho November 28, 2004
an extremely fat person, someone constantly snacking
that fat sleech pounded down 5 #5s at burger bitch last night
by Zach Gormley March 12, 2008
Female demon, posing as a human, who seduces a man, promising things she never delivers on, until she drains him of his money.
That poor bastard drained his bank account on that sleech and didn't even get laid.
by callyouout55 March 15, 2011
extremely fat person, someone constantly snacking
that fat sleech ordered 5 #5's at burger bitch
by Wops March 12, 2008
1) a person who has no social life or anything else to do but sit around all day reading and geeking it up on world of warcraft they also have horrible personal hygene dosn't comb their hair and they think there better and smarter than you for no apparent reason. 2) something homemade but was built with shitty craftsmanship
Deffinition 1: Joshua Estrada is such a sleech

Deffinition 2: Look at that sleechy ass paint job
by LMFAO420 December 14, 2010
The sweat on a girls pussy pubes
" I was about to go down on that girl but she had sleech", " Yeah I know she told me that she worked out before you guys hung out, guess she didn't shower:
by msharrin December 22, 2009
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