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A euphemism for having sex that originated on the Facebook fan page: RIP Severus Snape; The Bravest Man I've Ever Known after an admin said he was slaying dragons with his admin girlfriend.
Blaise and Astoria were slaying dragons last night for five hours.
by Lily the Admin February 10, 2012
88 5
Having sex with an ugly chick during a dry streak just to get your bird wet.
sometimes you gotta be slaying dragons before you can save any princesses.
by Moofrogio September 01, 2012
7 2
Taking a girls virginity.
Jimbo: Slay any dragons this weekend bud?
Bud: Yeah, me and Claire got frisky in the back of my Labaron. Then we had sex. So yeah I was slaying dragons this weekend.
by Jake M2009 May 16, 2008
14 43
To kill time doing nothing
Man, we just spent an hour slaying dragons
by Streamie January 04, 2008
8 41