The answer to EVERYTHING.
Q: What time is it?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: Where should I put this?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: Why did you do that?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: How did you do that?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: How long is this gonna take?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: When are you coming home?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: Who did you vote for?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: What's your name?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: What's the square root of 5184?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: Where are you going?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: Hey what's up?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

Q: How are you doing?
A: SLAYER!!!!!

#slayer #slayer! #slayer!! #slayer!!! #slayer!!!! #slayer!!!!!
by SLAYER!!!!!!!!!! May 03, 2011
A great thrash metal band, and contrary to popular belief, is NOT only loved by angry white kids/Satanists. They are not a Satanic band, and they are actually quite the performers, but most people can only hear loud raging noise the first time they hear it and thus judge Slayer to be a crappy band.
Friend: What are you listening to?

Guy who totally does not look like a metalhead: Slayer.

Friend: WTF! I can't believe you listen to this stuff! I never knew you were like this! Blah blah blah...

Guy: What do you mean, "I never knew you were like this"! It's metal! Quit taking the music so seriously, it's just fun to listen to, and there's great musicianship. That's all!
#slayer #metal #thrash #guitar #stuff
by Prashant J November 28, 2006

Used by marijuana smokers, esp. from the website 420chan, to mean awesome or of good quality
Rob: That OG purps was sooo cash
Bob: I know right? Awesome shit man
Bill: shit was SLAYER!
#awesome #cash #good #tight #chillin #bad #harshin #horrible #lacking #unfit #weed #pot #marijuana #reefer #mary jane
by MuffnMan March 10, 2010
An awesome thrash metal band. One of the Big Four Of Thrash. Whilst not being emo, (you dumb ass) Slayer is best known for "Raining Blood", "Angel of Death", and "War Ensamble".
Members include:
Tom Araya: Bass,Vocals
Dave Lombardo: Drums
Kerry King: Guitars
Jeff Hanneman: Guitars
Slayer is one of the best bands in the world.
#show no mercy #hell awaits #reign in blood #south of heaven #seasons in the abyss #divine intervention #undisputed attitude #diablous in musica #god hates us all #christ illusion
by Zack423 November 12, 2006
How does one describe Slayer? There is no definition for Slayer. Probably because Slayer doesn't belong in something as politically correct as a dictionary.
Death loves final embrace
Your cool tenderness
Memories keep love alive
Memories will never die
by shawn June 12, 2005
An exclamation made by visitors of a rock or metal concert. Originally, this was to ask the band (usually a cover band) to play a song by the band "Slayer" (a trash metal band, and one of the most brutal bands in the history of Metal music that gained world fame). However, the use of this exclamation has now broadened; it can also be used to ask the band on stage to play something louder or harder than what they're currently playing.
The exclamation can also be used in a bar, adressing the DJ if he plays crap music.
*band plays a cover of a song by some unknown Rock band*
Visitors: SLAYER!

*band plays a rock-ballad*
Visitors: SLAYER!

*DJ in a bar plays nu-metal*
Visitors: SLAYER!
#slayer #rock concert #cover band #metal #music
by RagingR2 April 12, 2007
Orgasim in music form
Ah man.. i think id just had an orgasim listening to slayer!
#awsome #sweet #pwnstar #crack #cheesecake
by eggsplz November 06, 2006
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