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A Slau is a person that likes to fuck Goats......In the ass.
Andrew Huntsman is a Slau. He lives on first house on the corner of Westover and Driskill Dr. in Euless Tx., 76039.
by Bob Scratchit July 05, 2004
lil butter cream shine that smiles like sloth from goonies and has scimitars for arms--but never uses them.
Such a slaus you are.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
A person who is book-smart and uses their intelligence to put down others who have a different opinion than them because they need to be right. An insecure douche who uses his knowledge to seem superior to others instead of understanding where they come from.
"Sheldon can be such as Slaus"
"Stop being a slaus and listen to me"
"Can you believe that slaus deleted me because I didn't like the movie?"
"He's such a slaus for saying I'm an idiot for liking the movie"
by Alice Bianca Royal July 31, 2012