The act of two females scissoring whilst on their periods.
"I had an intense slaughterhouse last night with that cute girl from accounting."

"She's pretty, but not slaughterhouse-worthy."
by papiervagin March 12, 2010
Top Definition
Rap "supergroup" consisting of Joe Budden, Royce da 5'9, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I
"Yo did you hear the new Slaughterhouse track? Crook killed it."
by jimmybebbo May 27, 2009
a place that is painful to go; much like what goes on in an actual pig slaughterhouse, it almost tortures you to be there.
Hell no, I am not going to your parents' house for dinner, its a fucking slaughterhouse.
by TurningGargoyle March 04, 2007
a whore or loose woman
That girl is a slaughter house, it'll be easy for me to get it.
by AlwaysSweet January 23, 2008
For the victim it means to get Beaten up. For the aggressor it means to show no mercy in the act of violence.
1. Damn, he got slaughterhoused.
2. keep aggravating me and watch I slaughterhouse your ass.
by Manning Fresh May 05, 2007
Triple penetration with three guys on one girl

Can be found in thesaurus as Gatortrain.
Dude let's go slaughterhouse that Gator!
by Altonfall July 12, 2011
Verb - While having sex with a girl in the doggy position, reach around and put your fingers in her nose. Pull back so her face takes on a pig like look and run a red marker across her neck. Now when she does the walk of shame, everyone knows that she left the slaughterhouse.
Look at Angela's neck, she must have gotten the slaughterhouse last night.
by Rich Mathy January 12, 2008
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