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a place that is painful to go; much like what goes on in an actual pig slaughterhouse, it almost tortures you to be there.
Hell no, I am not going to your parents' house for dinner, its a fucking slaughterhouse.
by TurningGargoyle March 04, 2007
useless; worthless; a piece of shit
This remote controller is hagglin.
by TurningGargoyle March 04, 2007
one who eats ass; usually used to describe a fag.
Look at that guy in the tight pants, he is definately an ass buffer
by TurningGargoyle March 05, 2007
a pussy hemmorhoid; a protrusion from the cunt not due to excess fucking; basically a vaginal hemorrhoid.
Damn, that chick's pussy is nice but she has a vemmorhoid.
by TurningGargoyle March 04, 2007
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