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The act of pwning someone to where their pride is severely dammaged
The stupid kid tried to tel me how to snipe, so i slathered him
by Clouded_Cheeto August 14, 2007
A state of drunkenness which lies on the balance of wanting to go to bed and desiring to get furthermore intoxicated, typically experienced after 3-4 bottles of quality cider.
I had three and a half Sheppy's Dabinett cidré last night. I was so slathered I could decide whether to go to bed or stay up all night making one word rig's.
by Blatant_Aardvark November 19, 2009
The drunkest and only way to eat chicken and waffles
Nigha I was so slathered last night I ate 27 plates of chicken and waffles.
by Slathereddrunj May 31, 2014