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When a knacker runs up to someone in a nightclub and slashes a permanent marker across their shirt before disappearing back into the crowd.
Joey: What the hell happened to your top?!
Ross: Some arsehole tried to slash and dash me while I was ordering a pint!
by rexbanner February 13, 2010
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Going into a pub or restaurant for a piss without actually buying anything.
John: Why are you going in there?
Joe: It's okay, i'm just going for a slash and dash!
by rexbanner February 13, 2010
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a fantastic game to play when drunk in a road/town you dont live in; the game starts by ringing the doorbell, then as quickly as possible take a 'slash' or 'piss' on the doorstep. if you can finish before someone answers the door, you win! if not, good luck explaining what you were doing.
i was playing a game of slash and dash last nite,

yh what happened?
lets just say i aint welcome round me nans house anymore
by Alexhannah15 July 15, 2010
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