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Where the boning, crushing, and smashing goes down (read: site of fornication). Slamsterdam is the capital of the Bederlands. Sister cities include Dickstanbul, Cockstantinople, Bangcock, New Pork, etc.
"So what happened?"
"Went over there, hung out, boneage but then we ran out of condoms, and I yelled at him for letting resources deplete and not in a good trip to Slamsterdam though"
"Ride or die, yo"
by LPawnShopL March 19, 2009
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Eating after smoking marijuana, or "the munchies". Combines "slams" or snacks, with Amsterdam,NL famous for legalized marijuana.
i went straight to Slamsterdam after a long hike in Dankorage,AK.
by soviettelecast April 05, 2009
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