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A vagina that a man only has sex with because he's drunk and wants to "slam" one out. Term best applies to uglier vaginas that look like a bowl of mashed potatoes due to excess intercourse.
Man, that slamburger I took home from the bar last night was pretty gross but it still hit the spot.
by WhatYouNeed July 25, 2010
To get uncontrolled, explosive diarrhea from eating bad dinner food (i.e. Denny's).
"You had Denny's last night."

"Yea, I've slamburgered all morning because of it."
by Deathguy6 November 12, 2014
A position in an MMF threesome branching off of the standard missionary position such that the first man is on the bottom, the girl straddles him and lays on his stomach and the other gentleman enters her from behind. The two gentlemen make up the buns of this 'hamburger' while the fine lady in question is the meat. This can work as both a standard DP or as a DV or DA, though the latter two are certainly only recommended if the meat has said experience.
Man, that sorority party was great. No one appreciates a slamburger like the girls of Alpha Sigma Sigma.
by mixxerlol December 30, 2008
A type of hamburger sold at Denny's (a Restaurant Chain) thats texture feels like swallowing a giant load of jizz. Furthermore, the jizz-like substance lingers in your mouth and throat for that "just swallowed" feeling long after consumption.
person 1: "Oh man, this Slamburger looks good!"
person 2: "Dude, are you gay?"
by justiNOPE October 06, 2008

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