A slagathore is one who slags at the great god Thor. so when you pass by a slagathore the propper thing to do is ask why? why the hell are you slaging a thor and what is a slag even mean?
Get the led out you slagathore!
hey did you see that slagathore on the other side of the streeet?
wtf is a slag?
does anyone still believe in thor?
whats a thor?
by Big Mac or Mac Attack June 29, 2008
Top Definition
Nickname given to anyone (usually of the female gender) with an overactive vagina. May also often be called bitch, slut, cunt, or whore. Often found flinging themselves at men. or women. Perhaps even animals. Whoever or whatever will give attention. known for being notoriously easy, needy as well as self-absorbed. Sometimes called Bitchzilla instead of Slagathore.
"Oh noes! Here comes Slagathore, the horrible bitch that screwed me over!"
by MrKarl January 18, 2010
a slut whore, someone who has not enough class to get paid but is just as bad
"jen is such a slagathore, she just gives a blowjob, its so worth $10"
by ushray August 17, 2008
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