An angsty teenager who uses his middle name instead of his given name because it makes him THAT much cooler... He is addicted to livejournals and myspace and has trouble holding relationships with younger members of the opposite sex for more than a few days.
Ohhhh snap, you just pulled a slade.
by Canyou Guesswho December 15, 2004
A band originally from Britian who mispelled song titles, but had very creative lyrics. They were very popular in Britian, with a large amount of hit singles. But, they barily had any hit singles. However, one band known as Quiet Riot covered "Cum on Feel the Noize," which was a mega hit here in America. Very innovative
Jack: What you listening to man?
Zack: Cum on Feel the Noize by Quiet Riot, made in 1983.
Jack: Did you know that particular song was originally created by Slade?
Zack: Really?
Jack: You got it.
by Zwoo June 03, 2007
a person who has been with more than a few sexual partners. they're known to get around or ran through.
man, that bitch is slade, i could easily bag her.
by mostdeviant August 21, 2009
Nigga that wrecks his motorcycle after having it for 3 days
Slade just wrecked his bike (hi five)
(laughing histerically) when did he get it?
3 days ago
by NiggaWitaBrokenLegz September 06, 2009
A kept man. A man who carries his wife's purse. A man who curls his wife's hair, etc.
Slade from Real Housewives of Orange County is a slade.
by iamnobojackson May 08, 2011
The bands mispelled song titles purposefully, drugs or not, I don't know
Ray: Why do Slade mispell their song titles?
Nathan: They did that purposefully, it was either under drugs, or just did it purposefully
Ray: Easy enough
by Zwoo June 03, 2007
A shadowy figure who haunted the galaxy in Star Wars Dark Forces RPG.
Slade whispers, "Boo!" in your ear.
by Slade Umbra May 29, 2005

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