The bands mispelled song titles purposefully, drugs or not, I don't know
Ray: Why do Slade mispell their song titles?
Nathan: They did that purposefully, it was either under drugs, or just did it purposefully
Ray: Easy enough
by Zwoo June 03, 2007
Slang term for Cadillac Escalade SUV
by rrz June 01, 2003
A usually tall, slim, very loud person. Great style, but only pulls young, hoe'ish girls with no class and or good looks. Also has one huge testical due to an encounter with a "dirty girl". If you ever have the oppritunity to see a "Slade" i suggest you run very far away, because he might bum a cigerette off of you...
Holy shit, that kid is a Slade for sure!!
by JandT November 05, 2010
The first EXILE in Star Wars Dark Forces RPG.
Damn Slade, we can't seem to get rid of him.
by Slade Umbra May 25, 2005
Someone who is refered to by their surname,as it is easier to remember and distinquishes them from people with the same first name. Some people often think that a persons surname is their first.

most commonly found with people with slade as a surname.
paul smith is refered to as 'smith','smithy' etc
by Dime669 February 23, 2005
1. Species of muskrat that is only found in the eastern regions of Kazakstan
2. Slang term for Tamagotchi
1. I'ma go git me som' slades fo' dinner
2. Fucking Slade shats every 20 minutes...
by FireAarro February 29, 2004
To have an unusual fascination with small furry toys and Kylie Minogue
He definately has SLADE like tendancies
by Anonymous September 02, 2003

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