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adjective: unproductive, lazy, good for nothing.
D is slck. He aint done shit all week.
by T- to the mutha fu#$in' Max June 04, 2003
A slut, will do anything with partner

see tight
A:i wouldn't sleep with her she'll have all sorts, she lost her virginity 3 years ago man
B:How?! shes only 13!
A:Exactly! shes slack as any-fucking-thing!
by The Bitch Herself! Mwah x May 14, 2005
For a female who has either had too many children or had to many cocks in her at once.
Oh my God check out the size of her slack poon
by Martin Dean/Chris Shelton May 18, 2004
unfair, out of turn
that was slack man!
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
D Harks... one who is lazy and unwilling to work...Harks
get over here you slack! its time for your beating.
by son of santa April 19, 2003
When a girls pussy is pretty big...not fat..has a big hole that u can fit your fist into.
Ay jase i had sex wit jessica last night and man i almost got lost in her pussy....shyt was SLACK.
by T.TfrmNY October 18, 2006
Sumtin that's beat or not of good quality. Sombody that's poor or broke.
Mark U A Slack ass nigga.
by LiL'Nappy Jones February 20, 2005