unfair, out of turn
that was slack man!
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
adjective: unproductive, lazy, good for nothing.
D is slck. He aint done shit all week.
by T- to the mutha fu#$in' Max June 04, 2003
When a girls pussy is pretty big...not fat..has a big hole that u can fit your fist into.
Ay jase i had sex wit jessica last night and man i almost got lost in her pussy....shyt was SLACK.
by T.TfrmNY October 18, 2006
Pants that old people wear
Veniecia's was wearing slacks today.
by Kumquatolian October 27, 2005
Sumtin that's beat or not of good quality. Sombody that's poor or broke.
Mark U A Slack ass nigga.
by LiL'Nappy Jones February 20, 2005
one a dollar (chi town)
"Ay folk let me get a slack up out you.
by Yung nizzle June 29, 2003
Normal state for a Tech. Generally regarded by the IT community at large as a good thing.

"I dont work, I'm in IT"
I'm getting paid to slack off at work all day.

IRC is great, it allows me to look like I am working when I am really slacking like a pro
by Cabe June 18, 2003

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