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To masturbate, for men.
"I took that porno into the bathroom and slacked to it."
by Rane Tane Tane July 13, 2004
3 10
one who is dragging down progress
We are getting nowhere on our new project people, seems like Bob is the SLACK around here.
by pumphouseman October 14, 2003
4 11
Normal state for a Tech. Generally regarded by the IT community at large as a good thing.

"I dont work, I'm in IT"
I'm getting paid to slack off at work all day.

IRC is great, it allows me to look like I am working when I am really slacking like a pro
by Cabe June 18, 2003
4 11
An adjective much like chill, showing approval, contentment, or mild amusement.
Friday night was slack.
Oh man, that shot was slack!
by Fuck you October 26, 2004
3 11
gimme some space, dont nag etc

adult meanings: slacking, not working/ being active etc
teenage mother: what ya doing with that in the house, setting bad examples for little timmy here!
teenage father: gimme some slack lauren, its not that illegal
Timy: me want dope
by girl_next_door October 15, 2004
5 13
one a dollar (chi town)
"Ay folk let me get a slack up out you.
by Yung nizzle June 29, 2003
1 9
Pants that old people wear
Veniecia's was wearing slacks today.
by Kumquatolian October 27, 2005
21 31