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An adjective that describes any orifice that has seen copious amounts of penis or similar object (e.g. broom).
Alan: Good Lord! Your bumhole is extraordinarlily slack, I doubt my penis would even touch the sides.

Jill: What can I say, I like penis.
by DaftusCuntus September 27, 2009
8 5
To not get your dick up; not have a boner.
"She looked down and this cock was totally slack"
by Johnny Luna January 23, 2014
2 0
A preferable way to describe trousers, pantaloons, dress pants, etc.
Yo, that chick was digging my slacks!
by superdawg90 June 14, 2011
4 2
loose fitting, broken, loose stitch
"slack tight"
by Noixz January 15, 2009
4 3
In the theology of the Church of the SubGenius, a mystical substance or quality that is the prerequisite of all human happiness.
I read the Book of the Subgenius to find true slack in life.

"Give me liberty, or give me slack"

The CON took away all my slack.

That makes me unhappy, that's not slackfull.

Slack is the perfect hamburger...

Slack is feeling damn good, and everything goes your way.

"Slack" is a way of life.
by Doktor Agon Fly January 13, 2004
22 21
Verb: to walk a slackline
Wanna slack a little?
by Adam Pudliner July 29, 2006
3 5
This is a nickname that uses reverse psychology on the classic word "Slacker" -as in to be lazy.
"Slack" is the most AWESOME word you can use to describe a person and has been developed to change expectation by subterfuge.
Dude! You are soooo Slack!!!!!!!!
by James Russell November 23, 2004
1 4