Pants that are especially prone to an unwanted crotch tent
I had to wear slacks to prom, and when she kissed me i think she noticed my crotch tent
by Brobacca May 15, 2011
Can Refer to a female who is realy Attractive or it can refer to sex.
Wow check out that slack dude!

If she is making me take her out to dinner she better bust out the slack later man.
by Marz13 April 23, 2008
good quality pants
Well, you never know when you might needs something on the spur of the moment for a wedding or maybe someone's graduation, or a nice date, so I'll probably take some nice slacks, a dress shirt, and a couple (of) crazy ties or two.
by saturn_only July 09, 2009
To masturbate, for men.
"I took that porno into the bathroom and slacked to it."
by Rane Tane Tane July 13, 2004
Only used in Birmingham and Solihull area. Slack is when something is harsh. It can be used in many different ways.
Ben - "check out that boy, he's fat"
Ben's friend - "Slack man" or "That was slack"
by David D June 23, 2005
to goof off, to waste time, to waste your whole life
I dropped out of college, gonna just slack for a year or 2.
by Anonymous November 08, 2002
Slack can be a short of SLACKWARE,
Slackware Linux, the kernel or operating system or os.

Slackware is the greatest Linux distribution ever!
- Are u using windows xp?
- Yeah :-(, it can't be any worse! How about u?
- Well, I'm using Slackware Linux! It doesn't blue screen like windows! HAHA Windows Sucks!
- Yeah it really does!
by POE December 23, 2003
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