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A rapper and member of Dipset which also includes other notable rappers such as Camron, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones. Hell Rell is an underrated rapper that brings explosive punchlines and a scary delivery when he spits on the mic.
"Scared when my set come around
The Tek gotta hell of a sound
Nigga these AR-15's

"I'm still wonderful
I put a TV in the trunk
So when I throw you in it
by SoOldSchool July 01, 2005
A Mexican rapper reppin' the Southside of Houston. Funny ass lyrics and worth listening to. He's got a flashy style and stays true to his roots.
Chingo Bling’s chining jus chunk a la deuce...
Chingo Bling Lyrics

"Stretch marks with a lil cocoa butter
I ain’t trippin
I support SINGLE MOTHERS!!!"

"And she’ll even shave
Unless you order with the brown lettuce
They line up on the wall and ask you… Te quieres?"

"I see you putos at the club
Like every single weekend
I was the one yelling out
Pork, beef, or chicken!!!"
by SoOldSchool March 17, 2006
A Skylark is a classic car made by Buick dating back to 1953. Realistically only Skylarks between 1964-1972 are worth talking about. Since they are the only years considered classics and popular to the younger generation of car enthusiasts of today. They were marketed as the gentlemen’s muscle car during the muscle wars of the 60’s – early 70’s. The most notable engine that landed in the skylark is the torque monster 455 in 1970. The 1970 GS version of the skylark with a 455 motor could pull a house down and backed down from nobody. Skylarks are built off the GM-A body frame same as the Chevelle, GTO, and Cutlass. Classic Skylarks aren’t too common on the road today, which makes seeing one worth remembering.
Fast with Class!
Simply put, a bad ass car.
by SoOldSchool June 10, 2005
A H-Town rapper and a giant of a man. Big Po’ has been featured on tracks with rappers such as Paul Wall, Lil Keke, Mike Jones, etc. His lyrics are gangsta and reflect the laid back style we’ve come to know from Texas. When Big Pokey spits lyrics, his voice sounds Deep, Fat, and Out of Breath. He brings a real sense of the streets to any song he’s on.
“Bunch of hoes, Bunch of money, Bunch of clothes
Glidin’ like an ice skater
Motor like a SNOT NOSE!!!”

“My cake stack like a brick wall
Roof push back when the seats crawl
Chip in the motor

“Door slammer
Rimmed up
Driveway decorated
4 hammer stash spots
Everywhere Niggaz Hatin’
Off the gut
Raise it Up
Afghan blaze it up!!!”
by SoOldSchool July 01, 2005

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