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Trusting, caring person with amazing facial features and personality. A Skyla will love you for who you are and never betray you or do something dishonest without it eating them up. Skyla's are wonderful, quizzical people. There are not enough Skyla's in the world.
That person is so loyal to her boyfriend! Her name is prolly Skyla, or skee.
#nice #beautiful #honest #loyal #proud
by scoobs figs February 04, 2010
a person of this name is usually blonde haired and has very tiny wrists. Very stunning with beautiful facial features. Skylas are fanatics of good music like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Somewhat of a loner who only has like 2 friends.
Andrew: you're sooooo cool.

Skyla: hey. yeah i know, thanks.
#skyla #cool #awesome #sky #skyles
by skyla slemp September 08, 2008
Skyla's are trustworthy people who usually keep secrets to themself, unless it's their own. They are loud and hyper and people often find them funny, but annoying. Once repeating the same mistake over like 5 times, they vowe to change and actually stick to it. Skyla's are generally liked people
skyla is soo annoying." "I know but its funny!
#sky #summer #skyl #skyler #skylyr
by beeefanddip September 10, 2010
Skyla's are trustworthy people they keep secrets including there own because they are afraid of being hurt. Skyla's are generally insecure. But a Skyla is also a very fun person to be around. They are loud and hyper and light up the entire room with a simple smile. People normally find a Skyla naturally funny. A Skyla makes mistakes but after about 5 times they vowe to change there ways and actually stick to it. They are caring people who get hurt feelings easily because they strain to succeed and make everyone happy. They have amazing facial features and a wonderful personality. A Skyla will love you for who you are and never betray you or do something dishonest without it eating them up. Skyla are wonderful, quizzical people but generally struggle to fit in. Almost everyone likes Skyla's and their haters come from pure jealously because they have so much more go for them. They are generally very intelligent but do not like to admit to it. They are also known to be creative and very artistic but they will never own up to it. Skyla's lack confidence most always. If you meet a Skyla get to know her she will be a great friend sometimes they come across as mad or like they don't like you but don't judge by that set down and get to know her.
Skyla is a beautiful, artistic girl.
by SkylynaeSky December 18, 2015
A backstabbing bitch who only cares about herself and her popularity. She is very childish and can often drop you like a bag of hot potatoes . But that's none of my buisness .
Skyla - I don't like you so bye ✌️
You- okay... Bye
#skyla #bitch #childish #truthful #unknowing #stupid
by Yoooguuurrrlll January 26, 2015
-adjective- meaning: rude, snobby, stuck up or mean, usually defining someone who flirts with a lot of people even if they don't mean it
That girl is such a Skyla!!
I know, she is so mean!!
#bitch #snob #stuck up #horny #evil
by Jessitana November 05, 2007
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