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skee (or skee skee skee) is not a whore, slut,or woman at all it is semen or cum and the act of shooting it on a chick.
yo last night brenda sucked me up and i was all skee skee on her face haha
by bigmike916 June 18, 2008
"Skee" is used by "Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz" and "Ying Yang Twins" in their most famous song "Get Low". It means to ejaculate all over every bitch in "Da Club".
1)"To all SKEE SKEE motha fucka,
To all skee skee got dam" (Get Low)
2) SKEE SKEE, awh shit bitch, I'll go get you some towels.
by Fa Sho Hoe January 07, 2009
Skees skeez; suffix;
noun, verb, adjective... Read More... Read More

1. a suffix that inherently makes any word Epic and/or Awesome

est. 1994; Benicia, California.

also see: nuh, rick, late, ming, beeesh, et al.
"Mike is going to San Diegskees tomorrow."
by AlainReid July 09, 2009
for use after sexual words.
Instead of saying handjob you would say handskees. Instead of saying blowjob you say blowskees etc.
by GrimmStang January 27, 2009
The short version of brewskees...AKA Beer!
Im havin a bonfire later....remember to bring your own skees!
by Skeemasta! June 29, 2010
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