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verb; The action and/or process of receiving a hand-job on a ski-lift from your significant other.
While on a Skiing trip, Joe gave Carline a promise ring, in return, Carline gave Joe a Skyjack.
#handy #skyjack #skijack #hand job #blow job #skiing
by Highstack flapjack January 19, 2007
chara nari between souma kukai and daichi. a green and yellow theme. kukai is dressed as a pilot and has a skateboard that flies. his attack is golden victory shoot that uses a flaming soccer ball to take down his opponent. his powers are only gained from exposure to the humpty lock.
kukai: my own heart unlock. chara nari: sky jack!
daichi: wow. howd that happen?
kukai: amu?
#souma kukai #daichi #shugo chara #character transformation #chara nari
by ayumu February 05, 2012
A condition of going into seizures of jumping jacks. Often caused by nervousness or stress. These seizures, which are also known as 'jack attacks', are most often seen in Ralph Drabble when he gets nervous.
Ralph: (panting) One, two, one two...

Patrick: Man, Dad, you're all sweaty. Are you nervous?

Ralph: Yeah, I'm doing some Sky Jacks to calm down.

Patrick: Mind if I join you? I'm kinda stressed too.

Ralph: Sure! (like a coach) Ready, begin!
#ralph rumblers #seismic jump #oogie alarm #wife waker #norman storm
by Dusty's Baby Powder December 16, 2010
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