The skyhook is a move during tennis in which you give a skyhook overhead smash. It was used by Victoria Azarenka in the women's single US Open Tennis Championships in Queens City, New York.
OOOOh Theres the skyhook! With Victoria Azarenka sending it back to Serena Williams!
#sky #hook #tennis #us #open #championship #new #york #queens #city #victoria #azarenka
by MGHJKRY December 04, 2012
Top Definition
Among soldiers in the 1970s, there was no such thing as a sky hook. It was a fictional item used to send rookies on a wild goose chase.
"Private, go over to Charlie Battery and ask them if they can lend yo ua sky hook."
#hook #army #soldiers #trick #rookies #prank
by Tom from the Shore October 30, 2007
1) In construction work, it is one of the initiation rites of passage given to all new apprentice workers, and thought to be very funny by senior workers in on the gag.
see also - rock stretcher, 68 volkswagen water pump, double pump conchitchilator with a two stage cadisafossil
The foreman just sent that new guy out to get the sky hooks, he'll be right back.
by cunninglinguist April 25, 2005
It's a sexual position where the girl is laying on her back and the man thrusts his penis into her mouth
He gave her the ole skyhook
#bj #sky #hook #thrust #blowie
by mikeylongballs May 28, 2009
A sky hook is a fictional apparatus, the retrieval of which is demanded of newbie grocery store clerks as a kind of lighthearted hazing ritual. Often combined with bucket of steam.
Billy, go grab a sky hook and a bucket of steam and get started on those windows!
#hazing #grocery #clerk #ritual #window #cleaning
by murr2k March 22, 2009
A great way to keep the gullible people in playcrafters busy for a while.
"Hey, how can I get to the top to paint? Do I need a ladder?"

"Go get the skyhooks."

What an idiot.
#wood strecher #tools #theater #construction #playcrafters
by harrywalnuts69 November 08, 2010
An invisible hook that is attached to the sky and hangs there.
When Spider-man is in the middle of nowhere and he shoots his web into the sky, although nothing appears to be there, it sticks to the skyhook and enables him to fly.
#skyhook #skyhooks #invisible #hook #spider-man #spiderman #fly
by edggy January 21, 2009
UK: Merchant Navy.
An unlikely tool that older ratings take a delight in sending junior inexperienced ratings to search for.

A variation is 'a tin of tartan paint'.
Bosun: Has anybody seen the deckboy?

AB: Uh yeh! we sent him to get the skyhook! :)
by Blue Cawdrey November 22, 2004
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