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Reduction of order is a technique in mathematics for solving second-order ordinary differential equations. It is also a technique used in restaurants by math geeks who change their order to an amount less than originally requested.
I went to McDonald's and ordered two Big Macs, but I changed my mind and ordered only one. They didn't like my reduction of order.
by murr2k March 14, 2009
A sky hook is a fictional apparatus, the retrieval of which is demanded of newbie grocery store clerks as a kind of lighthearted hazing ritual. Often combined with bucket of steam.
Billy, go grab a sky hook and a bucket of steam and get started on those windows!
by murr2k March 22, 2009
A technique in mathematics used to prove that the solutions of a differential equation are linearly independent. Also a term used by math geeks to inform one another when trying to solve a problem, that compounding one botched attempt after another won't lead to success.
Dude, two wronskians don't make a right.
by murr2k March 22, 2009
Fuzzing is a software testing technique used to discover coding errors and security loopholes in software, operating systems or networks by inputting massive amounts of random data, called fuzz, to the system in an attempt to make it crash. A fuzzer is written to do the fuzzing.
Charlie: The other thing you could imagine is attacking the kernel from the battery. So you could write a fuzzer in CoolRISC assembly, and have the battery literally fuzzing the OS.
by murr2k September 28, 2012
In electrical or mechanical engineering, natural response is the response of a system to a change from equilibrium. It is also the response given by a female after having been asked out on a date.
Whenever I ask a girl out, her natural response is "no."
by murr2k November 18, 2009
In mathematics, a term used to describe the derivative of a derivative. Also a term used in restaurants by math geeks to indicate that a duplicate meal is desired.
Garçon, I'll have a second order of those ribs.
by murr2k November 30, 2009
An expression sometimes uttered when you see that a friend's injury is much worse than they realize. Said by the fictional character Forrest Gump when he sees that his friend Bubba has been mortally wounded in combat.
I fell off my skateboard and broke my arm. I didn't realize the bone was sticking through the skin 'til my bud said "Bubba no."
by murr2k November 17, 2010
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