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verb: to drive recklessly; tires skreech; peel out; drive w/o a destination
"He was skurtin on the game right there doe doe"

"Stop skurtin and perkin"

"Skurt on em mang we gotta hurry"
by aych pee da ghost July 16, 2009
58 35
To leave; to bounce; to go away
this place flat, I'm about to skurt.
by Jenelle August 30, 2005
71 37
To not be apart of; leave.
Oh my god, i have to be partners with you! Skurt along huntie!
by 2glam2giveadamn November 27, 2013
15 4
slang for female(s) or a female's genitals
man, im tryna perk on some skurts.

you scared, stop bein a skurt.

she look like she'd have a nice skurt to perk with
by tone-perk October 07, 2009
21 52