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slang term for hydroponic cannabis or weed
I got some killer doe doe last night from my home-boy in San Antonio.
by lil miss April 06, 2006
slang term for Methamphetamines.
Saxon love rollin that dick, and blowin fat doe doe clouds!
by Ace_Karter420 March 17, 2009
When someone is very happy, or hyphy, and explains an object that is tight or cool.
Damn dog dat shit was doe doe.
by aaron morales February 21, 2007
1. adj. One who likes penis in all sizes, colors and shapes.

2. pr.noun. A man of low sexual drive and questionable sexuality.

3.A man who wants to lick Bradfords scrotum sack.

4. Abreviation for Dorian
That Doe Doe pulled his Queer Ass Shit again at the party... Whats-up 2 beers and he is queen of the ball? I just dont understand homos.
by Durham April 10, 2004
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