messed up frook walking around with no other way to define it
hey look at that skook over there
by screwedupfrook April 27, 2009
Verb: When a female squirts into someones mouth.
Last night I was eating this girl out and she skooked me.
by Wolf Cock July 10, 2008
An elaboration of skux.
"oh look at that skux, oooo skooks" etc
by Kat December 05, 2004
something so cute or weird, that you cant help but squeeze it incessantly.
1. The back of that man's head is skooky

2. You're such a skook.
by bread infection November 22, 2009
a super person or thing, great in quality
Thats really skook, man!
by doodledoodle June 27, 2005

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