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The term "Skonker" is not widely used. A small group of friends who currently reside in Oakville, Ontario, use the term Skonker in replacement of "Skank" or "Slut". Sometimes a shorter version of Skonker is used, which is "Skonk".

Furthermore, Skonker is a term used to describe a certain type of girl. Skonker describes sexual promiscuity and can also be used to represent a girl of a lower socio-economic class or one who doesn't present herself in a well manner.
-Look at what those Skonkers are wearing.

-Don't talk to those girls, they're skonkers.

-Lets go pick up some Skonks tonight.

-That Skonk works the Tim Hortons drive-through.

-I nailed a skonker lastnight while her skonk friends were watching.

-Lets hit Kitchener and Cambridge this weekend, I got a couple skonkers lined up.
by Alfonso Liberto May 14, 2008
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