Threatning to beat someone up. said with an aggresive tone
Watch yaself or im gonna go skitz on y0 Arse mofo!
by Biscuit Assasin March 06, 2004
I gotta get some skitz.
by dildo dan September 18, 2003
Out of order, tight, mean,
If someone had beat up an old lady for no reason, I'd say ' Woah man, that is skitz'
by P T August 31, 2005
Wiping your finger on your sweaty ass/balls/vagine/underarm and then wiping it under an unknowing persons nose.
He was just standing in the line at the bank and I gave him a skitz.
by nine February 18, 2004
A faggot, seriously imbalanced, pwns j00
I like to skitz your dog
by Anonymous July 01, 2002

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