somebody suffering from schitzophrenia or a insult to someone not suffering from schizophrenia but is a bit weird
Me: Ur a bit of a Skitz.
by Emmett October 09, 2003
Used on the streets, if someone is skitz they are harsh and un-easy, not very friendly, to go skitz on someone is to bEat the shit outta them basically.
Tom - Hey that kid is staring
Billy - Fuck of you cunt, don't stare before i go fucking skitz on you.
Tom - thats better
Tom - hes staring again dude!
Billy - right thats it you cunt, *smack*
by Maurice Moe junior May 19, 2007
The guy who always freaks out over the smallest thing, very irrational.
Me: " Hey my girlfriends coming over, mind if we use the living room for the afternoon"?
The Skitz: " UHHHH, YeAH yeah bUt aAHHH this is where i study because i need direct sun light for my energy levels to be right, and if i don't have it then ill fail the test for sure man, like you know? man, YOU KNOW?.........
by Loves Tha Puss January 21, 2015
Skitz is the greatest way to be. Often accompinied by various suffixes such as; Skitztastic, Skitztacular, Skitzalicous, Skitzvicious. Originates from the skitztacutar nation of Australia.
That hardstyle song is skitztastic m8. skitz hardstyle eshay australian australia Tns bucket hat
by Skitzosaurus-rex June 02, 2015
where one goes totally mental because of something eg a flahing light.
Ow, man stop flashing that torch in my eyes, im going skitz mate
by mingefayce August 23, 2007
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