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2 definitions by ItzSkitz

A person who can't spell.
1:) "A muthafukkin gangsta,crazy ass homie dont take shit from noone..will make an example of something, ask him to do somethin thah noone else will he will cuz he aint a bitch..thah dude half schitsofrenic..he smells lyk one too..whoa.."

2:)"Whoa stop going Skittzo on me dude."
by ItzSkitz July 28, 2009
The act of pretending to have two personalities, Some may really have schizophrenia, but most dont go into deeper details.
Mike/Jim): "Hey matt could you help? Jim keeps bothering me!"

Jim/Mike): "No Im not! he Dumped my Girlfriend!"

Matt): "Skitz Leave me Be!"
by ItzSkitz September 08, 2009