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What happens to some people when they get their hair cut by someone does't know how to work clippers.
Person cutting hair(Clippers sound)-ZZZZZZZZZZZPPPP-
Person getting hair cut-WTF!Man,did u just skin me!!!-Holds Head-
Person cutting hair:Man,I just skinned yo a**.
by TheTruthIsMe February 01, 2011
1. To go past a defender at a game of football (soccer).
2. To beat someone in a race.
1. Rick Holden skinned three defenders and put an amazing cross in for Andy Richie to volley into the back of the net with some aplomb.
2. Ben Johnson skinned everyone when he was drugged up to eyeballs.
by The Strut October 06, 2004
also known as 'system hack"

It is emptying out the contents of one's bookbag, flipping the bag inside out, and putting the stuff back in the bag. After that, put the skinned bag next to the owner without him seeing you

*Note: not all bookbags can be used, but most can
Example 1:
Jim: "Yo man what the fuck did you do to my bag?!"


Example 2:
Chris: "He's so stupid, he didnt realize i was skinning his bag"
by insanemuthafucka July 18, 2009
Verb. To skin someone.

To rip someone off, to be unfair.

Usually used when money's changing hands, this is almost always used regarding hard to trace transactions between freinds.

ie. Dividing drugs.
That lousy fucker totally skinned me again, there's like two spliffs here.
by dj_monged August 16, 2004
Having your steam account hijacked, losing all of your Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins.
-"Dude I just got skinned!"
-"No way!"
by tlfougner August 14, 2016
When someone with an uncircumcised penis pulls their forsekin and rubs it on someone. Putting your foreskin on someone.
Oh fuck! Alex just skinned me.Fucking carrots
by Dave April 28, 2003
to lick someone's pussy
to get licked out
i was with michael last night and he skinned me out

i skinned her out the other day, her pussy is phat
by Gnagygina August 04, 2007
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