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Brown,Tan,Black,Basically a dark skinned person.People who are from Africa that were sent over the world hundreds of years ago.The were used as slaves and we not treated well.
-Put a chech mark in the race that you are-
-puts a chech mark in African American-
by TheTruthIsMe February 01, 2011
After someone says something that sounds gay(for boys),or les(for girls),when they don't mean it in a gay or les way.
Girl:No Homo,but she's pretty
by TheTruthIsMe March 01, 2011
What happens to some people when they get their hair cut by someone does't know how to work clippers.
Person cutting hair(Clippers sound)-ZZZZZZZZZZZPPPP-
Person getting hair cut-WTF!Man,did u just skin me!!!-Holds Head-
Person cutting hair:Man,I just skinned yo a**.
by TheTruthIsMe February 01, 2011
A four letter word.To strongly like with a passion.Usually,boys don't like to admit it when they love a girl or boy.Some girls don't admit it either.Love is what brings people together.
Girl:Darnell,I love you,do you love me?
by TheTruthIsMe March 01, 2011

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