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Someone who is hella hyphy
Mike Brown- Hey LIL C did you like my new song?

LIL C- Yeah bruh that shit was skilly
by LIL-C January 28, 2010
lucky-luck=y and y+skill=skilly, to be lucky and have skills at being lucky
yo your strait skilly
by Kevin27akaurmom May 03, 2008
To pull a skilly, to delete something by mistake and get sacked for a day.
Skilly deleted the tournie list by mistake and Gazza had a mental and sacked him until he sobered up.
by Rogue3inabed December 21, 2005
(N) used in parts of the mid-west used to describe a woman. Similar to: whore,slutand or ho,whore
"I agree with you too John! Mary is out of pocket! When I get home I am going to smash that skilly ho ass bitch!"
by mastor of rhetoric September 01, 2007
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