1.)Somone who is dirty or iffy in some way.
2.)Somone who uses alot of drugs or alchohal.
3.)Somone who engages in sexual relations with somone much younger then they are
"That Long Haired Kid was kinda of a sketch bag."

"Jim smokes weed all the time, that kids turning into a real sketch bag."
by allthenamesaretaken!!! February 19, 2006
Top Definition
A shady looking character usually having a dirty and dissheveled appearance. Also refers the character of the person.
"Did you see matt?... What a sketchbag!"
by Brucie and Age December 05, 2004
a person whom gives you the feeling of rape in his eyes and usually is a creeper.
Renae- "OMG did u see him, tht sketch bag."
Courtney- "His eyes shouted RAPE!"
by ambs1029 April 10, 2009
a. A shady character.

b. Someone that isn't quite right.
a. That shaky weirdo at the bus stop was a sketchbag!

b. That creepy guy that was offering women drinks last night at the party was a total sketchbag!
by Bullyboymccoy August 09, 2015
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